Monday, June 29, 2015


That's what you get for missing staff meetings

That's what happens when you miss staff meetings

There's a thing going on, at work, and apparently its a huge deal for my org.  I don't really know what's going on because I don't read emails or go to meetings.  Given that, according to word of mouth, even I could be laid off, I am not about to start now.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Battlefield 4 is a Piece of Shit, part 3

The single player, which again, can only by launched by clicking on the icon, waiting for your fucking browser to load, and then pressing a button in your browser to go back to a real program, is mildly interesting when its not being infuriating.

The actual gameplay involves shooting people with a bunch of different guns that I can't be bothered to tell apart.  The main assault rifle doesnt seem to really do anything when you point it at someone and fire, so I've been using the shotgun + sniper rifle, which is a great combination because both weapons seem to actually kill people when you use them.

You are a member of a squad of people who talk too much and are mostly useless.  They make a big show about running around and, ostensibly, firing their weapons, but they basically don't kill anyone unless you look at an enemy and also press Q.  Obviously this is less than ideal, because all of the enemies I can look at, well, I could just kill myself.  Its the enemies that are visible only to my teammates that I would really like to have some help with.  Also, after you press Q and your team becomes moderately helpful for a few seconds, they then have to take a break to be useless again, so perish any fantasies you had of spamming the Q button in order to blitz through the game with a competent team.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time and effort sneaking up on enemies so you can knife them silently, and then your team just runs up and blows your cover.

The actual gameplay is broken up nonstop by annoying cutscenes so that cookie cutter action movie stereotypes can get mad at each other about typical action tropes, like leaving people to die for the mission, and having certain people die, having other people betray you, and then unbetray you, etc.  This wouldn't be so bad except there are so fucking many of them and the game won't let you skip them.  It seems clear that someone at EA thought they had a great plot.  Every cutscene I typically cringe at least twice; once when I realize exactly what they are about to say, and then again when they say it.

All of this might be tolerable, except for the tanks.  I don't know what the hell these fuckers were thinking, but the game repeatedly makes you fight tanks.  This one time, I was in a tank.  So that was fun.  Then they forced me to get out of it, and I've been fighting tanks on foot ever since, and holy fucking shit is that tedious.  Its not even exciting.  These things are actual tanks, with a main canon that can blow you, or the house in front of you to shreds, or both, whatever.  Its extremely difficult to find cover, and destroying these things means you have to run around dropping mines and praying that the tank will happen to run over them, or running up to the tank to slap a different kind of mine on it.  If you are very very lucky, you'll get a rocket propelled grenade (or something similar) that will kill a tank in anywhere from 4 to a million shots.  The treads, which I would expect to be the weakest part of the tank, seem to be completely invulnerable.  Also, even though you have a squad full of people, the tank pretty much ignore them (regardless of how much you hit Q) and come straight at you, which incidentally makes it very difficult to get behind it.  An obvious strategy would be to let the tank chase you and just drop mines in its path, however the machine gun typically cuts you down before you have a chance.

You can't save immediately after playing a really irritating part (i.e. fighting a tank) and instead have to wait until you reach the next checkpoint.  So, for example, if there's a part where you have to fight two tanks...or like're going to be fighting that first tank a lot.

[coding] Google Android Devs are Morons, Part 2


For a while Google has been encouraging Android devs to move from the working Eclipse platform to the unfinished Android Studio.  Apparently, they are dropping support for the current dev tools in less than a year, even though by their own admission, they haven't finished porting all of the tools to Android Studio.

I was thinking of doing a short stint at google after my current day job, however now it seems like that would be a disaster;  I would probably get fired after repeatedly telling each of their developers that they are an idiot.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Battlefield 4 is a Piece of Shit, part 2

My first attempt to write about this was unprintable.  So.  Here are the facts.

You probably don't want to play Battlefield.  You might have already known this;  after all it is made by EA and requires you to use their pathetic Steam knockoff called "origin."  EA sucks.  Also Origin sucks balls.

Even if you are willing to surmount those obstacles:  the game won't run unless you install a buggy browser plugin they made.

So, maybe skip Battlefield, and for all I know, everything else EA has ever made.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sleep Drift

So I guess from your point of view I haven't written in a while.

I've been spending a lot of time alone, programming.  Time becomes a slippery companion; sleep avoids me.  Every few days I drift, going to be an hour or two later.  At its worst I think I was going to bed at 8 am.

My primary focus at the moment is wrapping up this skin care thing, putting a bow on it, and shoving it off to the google play store.  Everything else is practically on standby.

My project at my day job is actually way ahead of schedule.  By months.  Salsa is on the backburner, I'm in between volleyball seasons.  I'm pretty much doing nothing to meet new people at the moment.

I've rediscovered that I like walks.  They are possibly the best way to clear my head during a 12 hour coding day.

Can't sustain this pace forever, and I am already starting to burn out, but this weekend offered a nice break.

I think about my Road Ninja characters a lot.  In fact there are entire scenes written out in my head that I am too lazy to put into words.  Obviously the main protagonist is supposed to be Biff, who is the road ninja, but I am starting to become obsessed with Snow Monkey, who was just supposed to be a minor character.  Biff wants to save the world, while Snow Monkey just wants to immerse himself in his own eccentric brand of irreverant hedonism, emerging only to protect the very few number of people he cares about.  The dragon fantasies were mostly an exercise inspired by a scene in sucker punch (scantily clad girls shoot orcs with machine guns while a B25 gets in a dogfight with a dragon...its like I didn't even know that was an option).  I'm starting to think that his brain just translates real life conflict into a dragon fantasy.  Or maybe they're just dreams; who knows?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Night and Day

In Seattle, when you go to a party where you only know one person, typically you walk in and everyone glares at you...including the one person who invited you.  Who proceeds to ignore you.  Eventually people might talk to you.  Maybe.  In fact I once overheard these two girls bitching about some friend of theirs who--on being new to some group of theirs--had the audacity to dislike being ignored.  I always assumed that I was just bad at parties.

In New York, its actually not like that at all.  So that's fun.  I've been to some parties here.  I'd like to go to more.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The News

The War on Sugar suffered a serious setback this past Saturday, when I visited my parents and inhaled an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids, as well as half a box of those straw stabbing Capri Sun sugar drinks.  Every day, I crave sugar.

In Salsa Class, we have a different instructor on Sunday who made us social dance for a few minutes, and I learned that basically none of the girls in my class can actually dance; they just mimic whatever the teacher does.  This explains a lot.

I still have hardly any real friends here; mostly passing acquaintances.  Still, though, somehow I am double or triple booked every night this weekend.  Sadly, my most exciting hookup opportunity for that time has already evaporated.

The side project with the app is going well.  My business partner found an issue with my first release candidate.  I fixed it and sent her another one.  Waiting to hear how the testing goes.

At the day job, I have been blocked for several days waiting for a code review for the second time in as many weeks.  So...thats great.