Sunday, January 18, 2015

End of 2015

The "partner meeting" call for the startup took 2 hour and 20 minutes tonight.  We only have 2 partners, including me.

We are, theoretically, close to making money.  I casually mentioned that if we haven't made money by the end of 2015, I'm out.  Thought that was reasonable, but she's all like...going crazy about it.  Won't let it go.  I'm not sure how to describe it.  Its like to her, it is unthinkable to have an amount of time or money that is your absolute limit regardless of circumstances.

So.  This is it.  If 2015 ends, and we don't have active subscriptions with revenue coming in, I am so definitely out.  I may quit before then...this is just an upper bound.

Finally Found It

There are plenty of "salsa club" websites in every city, and they usually suck.

This list was put together by someone who knows how to make a website that doesnt look like shit, and they took the time to write a lot of words about each one, so we know this isn't a situation where a bunch of empty bars just got their names on a shitty ass list.

As soon as its convenient I intent to try out the clubs they talk about.

Ideally, I should have a go-to club for salsa for every night of the week, that I can just roll to without really thinking about it.

Although the real goal is to go to the little "lessons" they always do.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Missing Stays, Part 2

Ok so I also remembered that on Sunday I had dry hands and ended up using expired generic neosporin on them.  This shit was like older than the pepsi.  I don't know if that was the cause...I do know that I apparently have not gotten cut a whole lot in the past ten years.  So I have that going for me.

I am still might be going away except I accidentally bought some ginger ale to make my stomach feel better and forgot to check the expiration date until after I drank half of it.  And then I couldn't find the expiration date.  So...fingers crossed.

Anyway, the important thing is my new discovery.  You see normally I fight sinus infections with spicy foods.  Mexican, subway sandwich + jalopenos, wings, Indian.  Unfortunately, as you can see, whether its the gastric distress or the total calories or the cost, all of those foods are possibly not the best kind of food to overeat five times a day in an effort to end the mild discomfort of a sinus infection.  So I have it:  raw jalopenos.  I bought jalopenos and banana peppers.  I like banana peppers but they aren't quite strong enough for the reaction I'm looking for.

Jalopenos though...shit this is way easier.  They have the same effect as food twenty times their volume.  And, they come in a jar (expr. '17).  So all I have to do is pop these regularly until my tongue starts bleeding, and the sinus infection will be gone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Missing Stays

Friday, I accidentally overdid it with the pre-gaming.  And then with the drinking.  I thought my bottle of captain had a few inches left, but after spending an hour or two trying to fine-tune a perfect buzz for going out (and therefore spending less cash on booze later) the captain was suddenly gone.

Saturday I had a wicked hangover and also experimentally verified what happens to the human digestive tract when you eat one and a half jar of pickles and also drink the juice, all in one sitting.  The hangover did go away, but without a control test I don't know how much the pickles contributed to my recovery.  I also stayed up nearly all night working on the startup.

Sunday I came down with a wicked cold.  I was sitting around working, when--all of a sudden it seemed--I could feel the lymph nodes in my neck swell, and shortly thereafter I experienced the worst sinus pain in my life, along with a really bad fever; bad enough that I didn't sleep much.  Monday was mostly manageable during the day but the fever was much worse over night, leaving me shivering under a pile of blankets.  Then it went away.  Then it came back.  Then it sort of went away.  Its back now.  Idk.  I fucking hate being sick.  I have a lot of shit to do and I just wasted a whole day.

Never buy "Cholula hot sauce."  This shit is so weak I've been drinking it straight from the bottle.  And I'm not one of those guys that can eat super spicy food.

The hot sauce was expired.  Which...led me to realize that the pepsi I drank on Sunday night was very much expired.  So that may have been what started this.  Holy fucking shit, man.  There's only two grocery stores in this neighborhood.  How fucking incompetent do you have to be to be unable to move soda?  Before it expires.  You know tonight I watched one of those military movies where everyone dies?  It was about a tank called Fury in World War II.  I think that's when this Pepsi was bottled.  Obviously I guess this is why I collect food poisoning stories while other people check expiration dates.

Saturday, January 10, 2015